Providing really new ideas to education


We are offering a radical step forward. A solution that provides you with a truly new way of educating students and also helps you solve the growing problem of the shortage of teaching spaces. Imagine a round classroom space where everyone is immersed in the content that needs to be mastered.

In the picture below the students are able to explore the underwater environment in 360 degrees and are encouraged to discuss what they are observing. This enables them to stretch their intellectual abilities as they strive to find out details about the environment.

Taking students to amazing places

'Meeting the dinosaurs' is one of our content packs that allows students to find out new facts about these amazing creatures. The sheer size of the projected images makes this such a memorable experience that they want to find out more about science and the world.


Working with the world's best

We have recently been working with scientists Dr David Glowacki and Greg Foot (BBC) to help students develop a sense of curiosity for science. The use of the igloo in schools and universities provides a unique experience that helps to develop real understanding. Joint work with Mohammed Kazem at the Venice Biennale has encouraged student artists to learn how to create 360 panoramas, animations in the round and how to present these to a world wide audience using cutting edge technology


Whether it be a primary school, secondary school, academy, free school or higher educational establishment Igloo in Education can tailor to any of your needs or requirements. Download our 'round classroom' discussion document to share with your team.