Make your educational event stand out

With event work in Canada, Thailand, UAE, Hong Kong and the UK during the last 12 months we are well placed to deliver your educational event on time and on budget. Educational events such as the BETT, Education and TES shows are becoming increasingly important to decision makers. Having an igloo will not only increase your footfall but will make you the talk of the show.

Different shapes and sizes

Our well known igloo domes come in four different sizes to suit your needs. They range from from 6 metres in diameter to a massive 21metres which holds 350 guests. We have just released a cylinder design which is very quick to set up ready for your event.


Making it vibrant

Creating an interesting environment or engaging showpiece at events can be tricky. However with igloo technology you get an instantly memorable, unique, engaging and immersive environment with a range of ever changing content to engage students, teachers and other visitors. Example Event

See our a flythough of a 9m dome here here

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