6 years experience in product design

We produce both domes and cylinders. These allow staff and students to come in to a breathtaking space and be immersed in 360 degree content. Imagine learning about micro organisms and entering the minute world of plankton.

40 students can easily fit in to our 9m dome. The smaller 6m dome and cylinder are ideal for holding groups of 20 students. We also provide 12.5m domes and 21m domes to educational establishments. Our largest dome holds up to 350 people and is often booked for eyecatching educational events.

In the picture below students have created a digital gallery of their project work based on Charles Darwin

Simulating the real world

With Igloo 360, you become immersed in worlds that are exciting, difficult to replicate and that immediately encourage discussion.
With wrap-around sound and vision, you can re-create realistic scenarios that support students to develop both confidence and understanding.


Cutting edge technology

We design and build our own 360 media players, tablet apps, projection domes and screens through our sister company Igloo Vision.

The control system can be adapted for students with limited movement using switching technology

We have designed the highest resolution projection dome in the world called the Giga Dome.


Contact us for the latest information on buying or renting one of our igloo domes or cylinders.